Clarity® is a single component 15% peracetic acid microbial agent that is EPA-registered and FDA-approved for use as a beverage packaging sterilant. It can be used on food and beverage packaging materials including PET, HDPE and foil, closure systems, and filling equipment in low-acid aseptic, ESL and high-acid aseptic beverage packaging.

Clarity has improved stability that allows for a longer shelf life and slower thermal degradation that results in lower usage. When used as directed, it can provide a cost effective solution for the sterilization of beverage packaging.


Key Benefits
  • Broad spectrum of EPA label claims
  • Better stability for longer shelf life
  • Bulk transportation and storage available
  • Slower thermal degradation allows lower usage
Key Functions
  • Sterilant
  • Disinfectant
  • Sanitizer
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