Truly groundbreaking innovation

PeroxyChem offers customized chemistries and application solutions to support the production of oil and gas. Our products are primarily focused on the stimulation and water treatment applications.

Stimulation – we supply viscosity breakers such as ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate, sodium persulfate, peracetic acid and calcium peroxide.

Water treatment – we supply specialty grades of peracetic acid for down hole biocidal activity against sulphur/sulphate reducing bacteria, acid producers and other planktonic and sessile microbes is provided. This product can be used for water pre-treatment in various slick-water and gel fracturing applications and for facilitating reuse of high proportions of produced water. We also supply hydrogen peroxide for hydrogen sulphide control in oil sands processing operations.

PeroxyChem has also supported developmental efforts using hydrogen peroxide to stimulate low production wells. Our formulation expertise allows for more customized solutions in this continually developing technology.